Project of the month – March 2022

A natural wood look in the showroom of Pan Parket

The showroom of Pan Parket is one that invites thanks to the lounge bar, pool table and tasteful interior. Of course, the natural wood look with Rubio Monocoat products also has something to do with it. To keep the wood as natural as possible, the colours White 5% and Pure of the product Oil Plus 2C were chosen.

The showroom

The Croatian company Pan Parket wanted a new, impressive showroom where quality is key. The showroom contains handcrafted furniture made from Slavonian oak, and in the cosy lounge bar customers can relax after work and of course enjoy the nice environment. As Pan Parket wants to express and represent quality, they chose our quality brand to protect the wood. Thanks to the successful ten-year collaboration with Rubio Monocoat, Pan Parket needed no further convincing, and the wood was protected with Oil Plus 2C.

Tip of the month: which colour Oil Plus 2C gives a natural result on wood?

Choosing the right colour for your wood protection can be a difficult process. Some popular Oil Plus 2C colours are Pure, White 5% and Natural. However, not all three colours will keep your wood equally natural. The colour Pure contains no pigment, but is therefore not transparent. After all, the oil is made from linseed and therefore also contains a natural colour that will enrich/darken the wood.

Do you want to avoid this enriching effect and stay closer to the natural colour of the wood? Then a colour with pigment will come closer to the desired result. The colour Natural contains a creamy whitish/yellowish pigment that counteracts the natural darkening of white oak. The colour White 5% will also give a more natural result.

Be careful with other types of wood. Not every colour will give the same result with every wood type. For red oak, for example, it is better to use Precolor Easy Mint White to neutralise the pink/red tones in combination with Oil Plus 2C White 5%. As walnut is a dark wood in itself, the Pure colour will give the desired result. You will get a slight darkening, but this is often a desired effect.

Project name: Pan Parket showroom
Location: Orahovica, Croatia
Product: Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C
Colour: White 5% & Pure
Wood Type: Oak
Contractor: Maršić d.o.o.
Sent in by: Rubio Monocoat Adriatic – Tin Panduric

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