Project of the month – June 2022

Put on the grill: our wood protection at a summer barbecue

At Caspero Design, our Hybrid Wood Protector is literally put on the grill. Or next to it, anyway. Their teppanyaki bars are made from Afzelia tropical hardwood, which is protected with Hybrid Wood Protector. Whether they pass the test? Definitely!

Teppanyaki bars and tables

Caspero Design specialises in welding and customisation. They also produce all kinds of handmade garden tables and barbecues. For these, they use a combination of steel and wood. To protect their product, they treat the Afzelia tropical hardwood with our ecological outdoor oil Hybrid Wood Protector. To obtain the most beautiful result, they choose to work with the colours Look Ipé, Teak and Pure.

Tip of the month: how to protect tropical hardwoods

Extra steps for better and longer protection of the Afzelia wood can be taken during the preparation, protection and maintenance processes. Tropical hardwood should always be prepared with Exterior Wood Cleaner. Greasy types of wood contain a lot of substances that can bleed out. To avoid this, a preparation with our Exterior Wood Cleaner is ideal.

Furthermore, it is also a good move to add 10% B Component to the Hybrid Wood Protector oil. This will improve the drying time, as the many substances in this type of wood would otherwise slow down the drying process. Finally, it is important to regularly clean and nourish your garden furniture with our Exterior Soap Ecospray.
Project name: Teppanyaki Bars by Caspero Design
Location: Oostkamp, Belgium
Product: Hybrid Wood Protector
Colour: Look Ipé, Teak & Pure
Wood Type: Afzelia tropical hardwood

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