Raw Wood Cleaner


Raw Wood Cleaner is a preparatory cleaner that thoroughly cleans the wood surface – after sanding and vacuuming – before treating it with a Rubio Monocoat finishing oil.

  • Removes even the smallest dust particles.
  • Can also be used to clean the used materials after the oil application.

Raw Wood Cleaner – For a flawless Rubio Monocoat finish!

Raw wood cleaner is a super simple way to guarantee the most successful application of Rubio Monocoat’s Oil Plus 2C.


  1. Sand and Vacuum the surface.
  2. Lightly dampen a cloth with Raw Wood Cleaner and wipe the surface thoroughly removing any dust.
  3. Depending on how much you saturated the timber, leave the timber to dry for 15mins to an 1 hour.

You are now ready to apply Oil Plus 2C or any Pretreatment.

Why Use Raw Wood Cleaner?

The reason why this process is so vital partly has to do with the unique technology of Rubio Monocoat’s Oil Plus 2C. Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C molecularly clings to the wood fibre which is why Rubio Monocoat does so well in providing protection. However after sanding there will be pieces of wood on the surface. If the sawdust isn’t properly eliminated then Oil Plus 2C will cling to these loose wood pieces and can form unwanted clumps.

RMC Cleaner is a cleaner which – following the sanding and vacuuming process – thoroughly cleans the surface preparing it for treatment with Rubio®Monocoat Oil. This product removes even the smallest dust particles. The perfect start for an impeccable finish. RMC Cleaner can also be used to clean the used materials after the oil application.

For an alternative prepatory cleaner. Consider Rubio Monocoat’s Woodprep

Looking to clean and prepare your deck or any exterior surface? then use Exterior Wood Cleaner instead

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 24 cm

1L, 5L


Rubio Monocoat Cleaner Technical Data Sheet

Rubio Monocoat Cleaner Safety Data Sheet

Rubio Monocoat Product Catalogue


Spread Rate: 75-100 m²/L
Dry Time: Varies. Test with a moisture meter before and after to ensure full dry.
Dilutable: No
Shelf Life: 12 months

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